My Approach

Hello, my name is Chef Janice. My love for cooking began at age seven. As the oldest of three, I was the cook of the family and made my share of hamburger helper. These days, I’m making pasta dishes from scratch and incorporating fresh, good quality foods.

My Story

I am a retired US Navy Chief that loves to cook. Cooking has always been my passion! During my naval service even though my specialty was communication, while I was on the ship, you could possibly find me in the ship’s galley during the holiday seasons preparing delicious meals for my shipmates.

Meet the Chef

After I retired from the military, for the next seven years I was a legal secretary and every day except Friday, I brought my lunch to work. My co-workers always wanting to know what special meal the “chef” had prepared that day and enjoyed tasting my delicious leftovers.

One day a friend at work brought me a newspaper article about a personal chef. I did some research and decided that was a business career I would be interested in. I completed my training with the Culinary Business Academy, currently located in Orlando, FL and set out doing the one thing that I totally love and it wasn’t just a job.

I cook for my family every day and although most people think that’s a chore, it’s therapy for me. Today, in answering the “What’s for dinner?” question, Americans who are pressed for time find they are tired of turning to restaurants, fast food operations and deli facilities in major grocery stores. None of these options offers the convenient, specialized, custom-made variety of menus G.G. Gourmet Personal Chef offers and I want to give others the same opportunity that my family enjoys on a regular basis.

Chef Janice


The name G.G. Gourmet translates to Gorgeous Grandma Gourmet (G-3) and although it is not specifically for “fancy foods,” the name was created for my grandchildren, who affectionately call me G.G.

Next Steps…

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